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I would like to work with you. How can I contact you?

The best way to reach me is through the profiles I have set up on social networking sites I maintain or places like Model Mayhem. I don't provide email links on this website because it invites silliness. To be honest I mostly work through referrals from other models.....​​

Are you a bondage photographer?
​Nope. Nothing wrong with people who are, but any rope or other associated elements are either used as a prop or through models/friends who are into such things. I take pictures and try to avoid categories.​


Do you have references?

​Yes, most certainly. My reputation is pretty important to me. If you are a model, feel free to contact those who have worked with me through sites like MM where the models in my images are credited​​​​​​​​​​.​



Your Instagram is private and you call yourself a photographer?

I use some social media platforms (like Instagram and Facebook) to interact with people I actually know, or want to work with. ​People have different self promotion mechanisms. My needs for marketing are small because I'm not selling anything. For me interacting and friending a bunch of randos via social media is not wise if you don't need to. 


This is a hobby and a passion. If someone doesn't fit one of the categories above, that is what this website is for. It's open with nothing gated.


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