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Photographers are an arrogant lot.

I know it's not good to generalize but I can honestly say, like a lot of creatives they can be an eclectic and surly bunch. This is doubly true when you consider the "arteest" types; self proclaimed delusional "CEOs" of dubious businesses who work with "agencies" in the "industry" while balancing trolling on Facebook, hustling for discount wedding and High School Senior picture gigs and trying to have sex with their "muses."

I mention these types because they are the usually first to embrace or ridicule the concept of self published magazines. These type of publications rarely have any type of audience outside of those who are actually in it.

Here, CAPELLANERO Magazine is a joke. It does not exist. I've done covers over the years as commentary, satire and farce. In this rare case, the topics to the left link to access actual content.


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