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The Metaverse, MemeCoins, Crypto-bros, NFTs and Tumblr

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

All these things have something in common.

They are based on will and belief (with a bit of marketing and subterfuge) to make truth.

Over the past few weeks a few outlets have come out with stories on how Tumblr was becoming a haven for GenZ and niche pop culture communities. The common theme: GenZ found the old, decrepit, stale, unchanged umblr platform kitsch and quaint, hearkening back to “simpler times”. They are seeking alliances with Amazon and media companies to “partner with them” and share their eclectic audience; to take advantage of their imaginary growing user base.

Jeff D’O speaks glowingly of “positivity” in his derelict “community who are allowed to post nudity if it has a political purpose.” He boasts an increased “growth” of, wait for it, 55% over last year in um....something.

Mind you this is the same company that was bought at Dollar Store prices, by Wordpress. This occurred, mind you, after being kicked to the curb by Yahoo and Verizon (who acted almost exactly like the drunk person who had sex with a stranger by accident and now are pissed at themselves for being so stupid).

It could be true. I guess.

NFTs and blockchain tech in gaming and the promise of some kind of Ready Player One-like virtual playground could be something. Problem is no one has provided a valid and compelling value prop with any of this stuff right now. It's all talk and prmotion and, yes, grift.

The same is true for Tumblr.

I think this media hypehope is a calculated forced narrative complimented by dubious articles in a short period of time based on a relaunch strategy formulated over a Zoom call with an external PR firm with Jeff yelling “Save our ASS!”

It’s bullshit, basically.

Tumblr still sucks.

I haven’t seen a reason to change that belief.

I don’t think there is one.

UPDATE: The CEO is out and Tumblr (despite that dubious 55% growth) is still trying to decide what they want to be.


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